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pan jabłko

May 2010

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pan jabłko




Just be happy that I didn't describe it in all proper details.

Conquering the sovereign
a wut!fic by Ysz

Being the sister of the Queen of Avantasia surely wasn't easy, and the fact that the aforementioned Queen was called Gabriel and had more facial hair than the King didn't make it any easier.


The Avantasians didn't mind it that much, though; they've gradually learned to ignore the fact that the consort to their King was a man; besides, the happy couple actually rarely bothered to leave their chambers those days. When something has miraculously managed to drive Elderane out of his love nest and the elf was forced to do such prosaic things like administrating Avantasia, one could've seen the distinct longing in King's every move and word. Of course, some of the citizens were looking at the relationship between the elf and the mortal man with distrust, but they weren't brave enough to show it; all in all Elderane's wrath was something much worse than the evil higher being from the Tower, and insulting Gabriel was one of the things that would evoke King's anger in no time.


Anna was honestly happy for her stepbrother. Gabriel, this quiet and aloof boy, had found his soulmate after all – even if it was an immortal ruler of a fantastical kingdom. She had thoroughly knew how obsessed Elderane was with Gabriel (the elf had actually explained that matter to her on the day they've arrived; she still blushed at the memory). She had perfectly understood that the newlyweds had to spend some time together and celebrate the first gay marriage in Avantasia ever.


But that all didn't change the fact that she was just bored.


For over a week she was roaming though the corridors of the palace in Sesidhbana, mainly trying to learn the topography of the humongous building. When she was able to move there with closed eyes, she made some trips to the city – just to get to know the place where she was going to stay for the rest of her life. After few weeks she knew every little alley, on and beyond the surface, with the very exception of the mysterious Tower, the only place beyond her reach.


At least that's what they thought.


A bored woman is always able to get where she wants to get.




The being in the Tower must've noticed her by now; she has been standing still at the top of the tall building for quite a long time, but it still haven't spoken to her. At first she just wanted to quickly take a peek inside and then run away as fast as she could, yet the longer she was there, the stronger the urge to talk with the evil omnipotent being grew. The winds were blowing from the east, pulling her long blond hair and her clothes. 'How dramatic' she muttered somewhat bitterly


Isn't it?


Anna let out a small gasp; she was bracing herself for an unbearable roar of the devil, yet the voice came out as vaguely pleasant, so deep she could've sworn she felt it echoing in her head for minutes before it had completely ceased. She felt a shiver down her spine, and, hell, the Tower was responding with a shiver as well.


Who are you, mortal woman? the being asked and Anna felt compelled to tell the truth: “Anna Held, sir”


The voice laughed “How very amusing, Anna Held. You are the sister of the royal manbitch, aren't you?” and, after a brief second, another question popped up in her mind “Why did you violate the sanctity of my domain again?


Anna bit her tongue. She had to control herself; the first thing that came to her mind after hearing the question was 'Your domain up my ass'. She swallowed a bile in her throat, desperately trying to control herself


'No, Anna, now don't let anything slip'


Gabriel just wanted to show me... the beauty of Sesidhbana” she began uncertainly; as she went on, the sudden surge of certainty rose inside of her. “The ardent spires of the towers, the blooming gardens filled with fragrant plants of many shapes and colors” The Tower was still shivering, as if it was a living, sensuous creature. “The old, majestic forests and golden fields” It responded to her every nerve, stroke all the cells of her body and each one separately at the same time... and it seemed pleased.


But which monarch wouldn't have been pleased with such description of his lands? The being obviously perceived itself ('Himself' she corrected herself immediately) as the sovereign of Avantasia, and she obviously wasn't going to try to prove him otherwise.


At least not now.


The voice was silent for a moment, but then it ('he') began in a mocking tone “And then he decided to offer his firm ass to royal service” Anna wanted to protest, but the evil being continued “And forgot about his lovely sister, for whom he had risked so much and whom he had loved more than anything else


Oh, yes, the trapped power was cunning beyond ordinary human perception. Now he has found an equal rival, though, since Anna Held was all but an ordinary human.


She stood in silence for a long time and parred his sly words with her iron will.


The being laughed maliciously “You truly are something special, mortal woman. You are allowed to come inside.




Anna really didn't know what to expect. She wasn't prepared for going inside the Tower and had no idea of what to brace herself for. She wasn't particularly experienced when it came to visiting castles inhabited only by evil, almost-omnipotent powers. It might've been a grim and mysterious place, it might've been a painfully ascetic, dark interior; it might've been a royal palace as well, though. She entered the building very slowly; her eyes tightly closed.


Now, why won't you look at my little cozy household?” the voice sneered and Anna cursed her curiosity for the umpteenth time, mustered her courage and... well, did as the resident suggested.




It wasn't a thing one could've ever been prepared for.


First and foremost, no evil overlord was permitted to have pink fluffy bedsheets and a set of fancy, extravagant lingerie. Anna wanted to look questioningly at the being, but its (“HIS!”) incorporeal condition prevented her from taking action.


The being laughed “I can take the material form, you know.

“I would be... very grateful...” she began, but the power interrupted “How do you like my guest room?


“It's... very lovely, sir” she answered, trying to sound as convincing as if she actually meant it... and miserably failing. The Tower started to shake gently; it was all but a pleasant feeling.


I've arranged it especially for you.” the voice sounded quite offended now “If you don't like it, just tell me, we can still... do some changes.


Anna shivered. A trickle of sweat flew down her back. “What... what do you mean, sir?”


The being giggled “As if you didn't know.


Anna knew.




Upon her return she found Gabriel in the gardens; he was just sitting there, staring absentmindedly at the starry sky. Anna could almost feel an unusual aura of tranquility which was surrounding him. He was completely unaware of her presence, she presumed.


She coughed.


“Ah? Hello Anna, I have not noticed you” Gabriel flashed an apologetic smile. Anna grinned and moved to sit beside her brother, who, in response, put an arm around her shoulders.


“First matrimonial quarrel, eh?” she asked. Gabriel shook his head “Elderane's out for a week. An inspection outside of the city” he yawned and continued “He has a country to rule, after all”


“Aren't you jealous?” she asked, though she was well aware that her question was pointless


Christ, Anna, are you mental?! With whom would he betray me, then? The voice from the Tower?” he laughed. Anna almost choked on her own tongue and felt the sudden need of changing the subject: “Didn't you want to come with him?”


“Not really. To tell the truth, his constant displays of affection can be quite tiring.” He paused and looked at Anna, who was eyeing him carefully. There was a question in this look; he felt obliged to answer it and accent every single word in his response


“Because he is immortal. I'm not.”


Anna clung tighter to her brother. They sat in complete silence for a few minutes, before Gabriel decided to continue


“Besides, you haven't experienced Elderane in action. Holy Lord, after some rounds I wasn't able to sit for a few days.” Anna burst out laughing and Gabriel joined in and embraced his sister in a tight hug.


“I wonder what the hell have both of you been doing during those weeks, huh?” she asked after they've calmed down. Gabriel blushed a little but then regained his good mood


“As if you didn't know, Anna” he smirked “But as for me, I think I was conquering the world's self-proclaimed sovereign. What about you, then?”


Anna smiled “Same goes for me, I think.”


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