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pan jabłko

May 2010

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May. 18th, 2010

pan jabłko

Evergrey, 17.05.10

Oh my, I saw Evergrey live yesterday/today.

It was fucking orgasmic (fangasm*ksafjksgfjasgdfjtheyplayedObedienceTHEYPLAYEDOBEDIENCE*fangasm). Also, there were quite a few Tom's jokes ("Are you my brother?").

Also, I am wondering, will there be any special guests (*cough*Andre Matos*cough*) on Edguy concert in Poland in September?

Apr. 5th, 2010

pan jabłko


I wrote it around 6 o'clock today and I beta it right now, when I'm kinda drunk. I suck at writing porn so I upload it while I am drunk, mmm'kay?

The Wicked Symphony

Avantasia fanfiction (it’s not “fanfiction”, it’s “fapfantasy”) by Łysz


He was lying sprawled on his back, trembling and silent as the devil’s hands ghosted over his naked body; as they moved from his cheeks to the neck and then lower, lower, until long fingers wrapped around his – already hardening – cock. His partner was grunting heavily on top of him, rather pleased with the outcome of his handiwork, delighted at the small moan that escaped boy’s lips when he began to stroke.


Here, in this tangled mass of limbs, in all that sweat and heavy breaths, the Scarecrow didn’t quite feel like the scarecrow he was, but rather like a shabby plush toy, long ago discarded by its owner.


I wonder whose name will you shout when I make you come” whispered Mephistopheles in his sweetest voice as he lazily stroke the head with his thumb “You don’t even know her name, do you?” his fingers moved; Scarecrow shivered as one fingernail scrapped at his entrance “Don’t worry, she doesn’t deserve you” the devil placed a deep kiss on his neck, nibbling at the boy’s skin; then moved his lips to Scarecrow’s jawbone, cheeks, eyelids, leaving behind a slight trace of saliva.


By the time he plunged his finger into Scarecrow’s ass, the boy was reduced to a wriggling mass of moans; curling his fingers into a soft bedsheet with every slight thrust of the devil’s hand.  


Mephistopheles smirked as he cupped the boy’s chin with his free hand “My perfect creation” he kissed him softly on a cheek “My beloved disciple”


The devil’s hand withdrew; for a brief moment Scarecrow felt strangely empty – at least physically; nothing could stop this knot of mixed emotions from twisting in his heart and mind – until he felt Mephistopheles’ cock sliding inside his ass


I expected you to be… tighter” the devil sounded slightly surprised “Ah, not that I complain” he thrust, fast and hard, and smiled at the strange guttural noise Scarecrow made, a mixture of a cry and a moan. His next moves were gentler; his hand has yet again found a way to the boy’s penis, but now the devil’s touches were slow, almost teasing and oh god…


Tch, don’t ruin the mood” Mephistopheles said with a wry smile. Scarecrow blinked his eyes in surprise; after a moment he realized that he said the last bit aloud and couldn’t help blushing. His partner must’ve noticed it, because the next moment he was whispering to his ear:


Or maybe it was directed at me?”


The devil was pumping in and withdrawing at a faster pace, his tongue leaving moist track on Scarecrow’s neck. The boy was now moaning with enthusiasm, his half-open eyes clouded with desire. The world seemed to him a mixture of heat and cold, of pleasure entwined with pain, there was nothing beyond this man’s – this demon’s – hands and tongue and length inside him.


For a brief moment she didn’t exist and – much to his surprise – the world hasn’t ended.


Now, who would’ve thought that” the devil’s voice sounded even sweeter. Scarecrow looked at him questioningly “You are a silent type, my love. It’s almost as if nothing happened”


Now the boy noticed it; his abdomen was sticky with cum. Mephistopheles was still hard inside him; though, judging from the devil’s heavy panting, he was probably close to release.


Kiss me” he muttered; Scarecrow obeyed, tentatively pressing his mouth to devil’s lips. His partner forced his tongue into the boy’s mouth, after a moment’s shock Scarecrow returned the kiss. His hands moved from Mephistopheles’ neck to his face; he traced the devil’s features with the lightest touches of fingers and he could’ve sworn that they softened a little.


Forget about her” the devil groaned just before he came “How could she bring you to the verge of the divine inspiration like I have done? You are better off without her”


Scarecrow wanted to protest, to swear his eternal love for the woman from his dreams; still, he somehow couldn’t bring himself to. All the spirits inside him were stirred and restless: Fury and Fornication roared with laughter, Inspiration, Success and Kindness merely smirked, but it all didn’t matter the moment Apathy came and lulled him into a deep slumber.



Concerning Scarecrow's "states of matter" - it goes like this (copypasta lol):
Fury - the characters (both of them) played by Ripper Owens and Ralf Zdiarstek
Fornication - the character played by Oliver Hartmann
Inspiration -  the character played by Russel Allen
Success -  the character played by Klaus Meine
Kindness -  the character played by Bob Catley
Apathy -  the character played by Andre Matos (oh, me and my blatant favouritism)

Apr. 4th, 2010

pan jabłko


This is a public announcement concerning the new Avantasia CDs, "The Wicked Symphony" and "Angel of Babylon":

Here be rantCollapse )

... As you can see, I am immensely enjoying the new Avantasia releases. 

May. 11th, 2009

pan jabłko

Do not want, pt. 2


I'll beta this later, I'm too tired to do it now

fuck, fuck, fuckCollapse )

Apr. 19th, 2009

pan jabłko

Holy fuck

If you are reading this post, you shall be aware that RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW you should've been reading a crappy one-shot I was too ashamed to post.

I wrote a fic I won't show anyone, but I still haven't began that goddamn writing assignment I'm supposed to finish before Tuesday.


Dec. 30th, 2008

pan jabłko

I have less life than I had before

... so I've finally pulled my lazy ass altogether and played Oblivion (yes, I know, late to the party and such). And just finished the main storyline.


... Wish, you are a grown-up girl. Grown up girls don't cry over such trivial matters as game endings.

(I don't. But I'm on the verge)

lol the tags fucked up

Dec. 16th, 2008

pan jabłko


Dear Wish,


with love,

(btw, last.fm, you whore, just scrobble the damn song already)

Nov. 16th, 2008

pan jabłko




Just be happy that I didn't describe it in all proper details.

YOU DON'T WANTCollapse )

Oct. 18th, 2008

pan jabłko



I don't really know how to begin, I'm swelling with joy and pure happiness right now. Yesterday Evergrey has played in Poland and it was breathtaking, I still can't believe in my luck. But, still, let's start all over from the beginning, okay?


Sep. 12th, 2008

tony kakko


Blame it at my current reading assignments:

pic under the cutCollapse )

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