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pan jabłko

May 2010

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Aug. 19th, 2008

pan jabłko

(no subject)

The Wish Productions proudly presents:

a play in one act

Scene I
Little Wish sits in front of her computer, drooling. Axxis' "Lady Moon", most likely stuck on repeat, is heard in the background.
Enter Big Wish.

Big Wish: *smacks Little Wish* Stop listening to this shitty song now!
Little Wish: *covers herself and stutters* ... b-but... it's so beautiful... T.T
Big Wish: It isn't. Now, why wouldn't you turn it off and start writing the things you have to write?
Little Wish: ... i have to write something?
Big Wish: Two things actually. One is your fanfic.
Little Wish: *sighs* ... not now, OK?
Big Wish: *smacks Little Wish even harder* NOW. *clears her throat* Ahem, the second one is the story for the MOCZ Showdown. How many words d'ya have? 1800?! It's even shorter than your fic!
Little Wish: *checks something* 1973!
Big Wish: 1937 what?!
Little Wish: Words in my story.
Big Wish: *sneers* Congratulations! Forgive me for not giving you a proper prize.

Scene II
Enter Small, Almost Invisible Wish.

Small, Almost Invisible Wish: I WANT A LOLLIPOP!
Small, Almost Invisible Wish: LOLLIPOP!!!
Little Wish: ARGH STFU both of you. *goes back to browsing awkward sites and drooling*
Little Wish: *ignores Big Wish's rant, happily mouthing the lyrics of "Lady Moon"*
Big Wis
h: At least turn off this shit! *glances at her smallest counterpart* Stop glaring at me, bitch, ya ain't gonna get any lollipop.

Big Wish storms out of the room. Despite the warning, Small, Almost Invisible Wish follows.

Scene III
Little Wish sits in the front of her computer, alone. She smiles in a very, very unpleasant way. "Lady Moon" is still looping.

Little Wish: *sings* And I sat with my back against the cold stone,
Waiting for you, don't leave me alone... *Little Wish giggles happily as she watches the download bar*
Little Wish: ... the doujinshi downloads are fast as hell today...


Aug. 10th, 2008

pan jabłko

a thing to marvel upon

In - circa - one month I will be able to legally purchase porn and browse all those colorful and funny sites I couldn't have browsed because I was an innocent child, oh, my virgin eyes.

And buy beer.

I am so shallow.

Y'know, I don't know why the hell I'm writing it here too. YOU ARE NOT ALONEEEEEE <3

Jun. 21st, 2008

pan jabłko

Oh, the wonderful days of holiday

The main joys: I finally have time to read all those fantastic books which were neatly piled up on my shelf and patiently waiting for my summer break. I missed reading what I want to read very much.
Srsly, yesterday I began B. Cornwell's "Warlord Chronicles" and finished the first book in... 4 hours, I s'pose.

The wonders: I'm not worried right now. Which might be one of the most unexpected things I've experienced lately, because the last three months were one big worry. And now... Sure, the next schoolyear would be a nightmare, but, hell, I deserve a bit of rest.

The diet: NAO IT IEZ TIEMZ TO START EATING AT HOME AGAIN, IZN'T IET? Psjgjffasdfwerttry456e5ydfgdg normal food.

The clothes: No more school uniforms at Monday. NO MOAR. At least for these two blessed months (besides, I've purchased a lovely green dress yesterday. Now I have time for shopping too <3)

The Most-Serious-Problem: I couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking about the gender of a certain fictional character (and actually cried myself to sleep, because it would crack my OTP. I think that I suck at life). That's the kind of problems I wish I'd always have.

The A-Bit-Less-Serious-Problem-But-Still-A-Problem: Green Carnation's "The Quiet Offspring" is pretty heavy (LOL FAILURE I listened to this album a zillion times and noticed it just today). Not that it's bad, though. I just prefer the more progressive sound of "A Blessing In Disguise". But, damn, "Between The Gentle Small And Standing Tall" is one hell of an AWESOME SONG.

The words of wisdom: ... plz may him have a penis. Plz. Unless y'all want my OTP ruined.

Jun. 20th, 2008

pan jabłko

a short essay on the issue of freedom


...it is why I didn't go for a fanart hunt today, isn't it?

May. 30th, 2008

pan jabłko

now I am free


No more writing shitty Social Knowledge reports.
No more reading painfully long Polish positivistic novels (though I'm supposed to write an essay on rhetoric in the literature of Renaissance. Yay.).
No more Phaseolus vulgaris.
No more Maths.


I'm going to celebrate the First Unofficial Day Of Summer Break with porn and beer.

This is how the REAL happiness feels like.

May. 23rd, 2008

boromir lulz

Royal Hunt 22.05.08, Warsaw

Ooook. So I've been to a Royal Hunt concert yesterday and it was almost excellent.

May. 10th, 2008

pan jabłko


Laid my paws on the "Christ 0" by Vanden Plas.

Now I'm going to miss ProgPower Scandinavia 2008 even more.

Pain of Salvation, Pagan's Mind and Wuthering Heights [<fangirl squee> OHMAHGAWD ERIK RAVN </fangirl squee>] at once. And Vanden Plas. And no Wish there.

<epic failure is epic>

<about the CD: it's fucking awesome. Go listen to it. NOW.>

May. 9th, 2008

arjen anthony lucassen

(no subject)

Oh my, why did I even register here?


I'll tell you a story.
A few months ago, while purchasing new gems to my collection (:D) I had to choose between two CD's - Pain of Salvation's wonderful classic "Remedy Lane" and a new installment of Pagan's Mind called "God's Equation". I chose PoS because a) I heard that "GE" is pretty bad and doesn't reach the level of "Celestial Entrance" and OMG TEH SUX b) "RL" doesn't have a naked woman on the cover* ~~

A few days ago I finally decided to give "GE" a listen. And it came out as an awesome. "United Alliance", "Atomic Firelight" or my favourites: "Evolution Exceed" and "Osiris' Triumphant Return" are omg teh weak songs, eh? I know that "GE" is not really omg teh trv progz metulz, but it's still a very good album. Veeery different from "Celestial Entrance", but still lovely and very pleasant to listen to.

* to be honest, it has both a woman and a man and the word "SEX" written in caps somewhere in the upper right corner. BUT DAMN, AT LEAST I DON'T HAVE TO SEE THE NIPPLES.

[not that I regret buying "RL", noez. The booklet proved to be v. informative. Especially the fact that, out of all the words in caps in "Beyond The Pale", "SEX" got the biggest font]

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